650 Words

650 Words

650 Kelime
Turkey 2015 / 46min
English Subtitles / Documentary
Director Martina Priessner
Cast Halil Aksan, Hayriye Aktaş, Zelal Çetin, Naime Doğan, Ayşe Esen, Nur Gezegen, Soner Dabaş, İbrahim Yanar

Live show + Another Mountain

Eight people from different regions in Turkey want nothing more than to be reunited with their loved ones in Germany. However, before they can be reunited with their spouse, they must first obtain a german language certificate. The language test requires a vocabulary of 650 words. Unique stories of the eight individuals emerge, and the film deals with the complicated relationship between the two countries.


650 Words will be screened live together with Another Mountain

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