Another Mountain

Another Mountain

Başka Bir Dağ
Turkey 2017 / 1h 22min
French, English, Spanish, Greek Subtitles / Documentary
Director Noémi Aubry , Anouck Mangeat
Cast Ergül, Sinem, Burcu

Live show + 650 Words

According to a Turkish proverb, "if one of your eyes is crying, the other one can't laugh". This is true for Turkey’s Kurdistan, where there are curfews, blockades and the Turkish army's occupation. One might hope for peace, but it seems to be a peace that will never come. It is the brave women of the mountains who must rise up.  Burcu and Sinem live in Istanbul; they represent this crying eye. They meet Ergül, in a little village in the Black Sea region, infamous for its participation in the revolutionary struggles of the 70s that were stifled by the military coup of 1980. There, amongst women, they exchange their political ideas and dreams. They are standing up to war, repression and daily violence. They are Kurds, mothers, feminists. Resistance and solidarity shine through every breath they take, every word, every step and every scream. They fight against nationalism, war and patriarchy. “Bese, Bese, Bese!” (Enough, Enough, Enough!)

Festival Cinéma d'Attac 2017 - Mention Speciale du prix documantarie


Another Mountain will be screened live together with 650 Words

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