14th LTFF

Welcome to the London Turkish Film Festival

Lucky Fourteen

14 Years. 14 Days. Welcome to the unique and vibrant cinematic event that is the 14th London Turkish Film Festival, a two-week mix of internationally acclaimed films and local box office hits taking place at six venues.

Over the past year, festival goers from Venice to Cannes, Locarno to San Sebastian, Montreal to Toronto have seen not only the re-emergence of cinema from Turkey but a vigorous re-definition of themes and identities. This independent mission to examine issues of class, gender and ethnicity has given these productions (national, trans-national and co-productions) a European face for the first time in its history.

Rich and entertaining, these films show that love can take the edge off the pain of returning home or can destroy the life of a carpet seller. An old manuscript offers redemption while documents at a border define separation. Immigrant dreams coincide in three European capitals or tragedy finds a young woman in a remote village. A devout man and a young boy equally struggle in their inner worlds while an aspiring filmmaker shares his destiny with a black marketeer.

The mysteries of the human heart are revealed in the sunny pastoral setting of a village and under dark Istanbul skies. An empty apartment or a yacht on the Aegean can carry secrets and an out of town trip can still bring hope to a couple. Desperate love not only touches a poet in prison but also a lovelorn couple. The darkness and depths of the human soul are explored in refugee camps, coastal towns and the back streets of Istanbul. Now it’s your turn to discover this mesmerizing collection of feature films, documentaries and shorts accompanied by the outstanding talent that created them.

The 14th London Turkish Film Festival truly deserves to be called "Lucky Fourteen". We hope that you will be able to join the celebration.

C4 looking for a Turkish Family!

London Turkish Film Festival Opening Gala at The BFI

Channel 4 is looking for a new family to take part in a second series of its critically acclaimed observational documentary, ‘The Family’.

Award-winning production company Firefly is inviting applications for a family to appear in the hit documentary series, which profiled the Hughes family from Canterbury, Kent in its debut this autumn.



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Turkish or Kurdish Women Director Needed

Director Needed

We are looking for a volunteer Turkish or Kurdish (from Turkey) women director to shoot the winning script in the Domestic Violence Script and Photography Competition organised by IMECE.





Feature Films

The 14th London Turkish Film Festival will continue its tradition of lending a platform to both the emerging talent of Turkish cinema and its established and internationally acclaimed veterans such as Nuri Bilge Ceylan (winner of Best Director at Cannes 2008). Turkish cinema has really flourished over the past decade, with filmmakers living in Turkey and across Europe discovering new confidence and creative directions.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - Ara


Ara, meaning 'The Space Between', is the story of two couples and an empty building in Istanbul. These characters are the new faces of Istanbul, stuck between East and West, their modest past and decadent present, between Istanbul and the provincial homes they can't go back to, between their innermost secrects and the lies they tell.


Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival-Autumn / Sonbahar

Autumn / Sonbahar

Released from prison after 10 years for anti-government activities as a student in the 1990s, Yusuf returns to his sickly mother in a mountainous village near the Black Sea. He only sees his childhood friend Mikail.


Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - Bliss / Mutluluk

Bliss / Mutluluk

When a young woman named Meryem is raped, custom requires that she be killed in order to expunge the honour of her family. Cemal, the son of the village leader, is unwillingly given the task.


Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival

Blue Eyed Giant / Mavi Gözlü Dev

Nâzım Hikmet, the remarkable 20th century Turkish poet, lived a life of passion and struggle. Convicted for communist propaganda and sentenced to 28 years as World War II raged on the outside, the poet became a legend in the prison system.


Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival- Destiny / Kader

Destiny / Kader

Bekir, a modest carpet-seller, loves nightclub entertainer Ugur. But Ugur loves another man, Zagor, who loves committing crimes. One summer's night Zagor murders two policemen and Ugur vanishes. Bekir's deliverance from mad love does not last.


Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - Dot / Notka

Dot / Nokta

Following the success of Waiting for Paradise, Dervis Zaim's latest film is a tale of crime, punishment and one man's quest for redemption. Ahmet, a calligrapher, reluctantly helps his friend Selim to sell a priceless copy of the Koran owned by Selim's family.


Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival

A Fairground Attraction / Hazan Mevsimi - Bir Panayır Hikayesi

This is the bitter and brief story of two desperate lovers on fairground: Necla, a wandering circus chanteuse, and Cemal, a site worker. Both are incapable of settling down, living like rolling stones, wherever the wind may blow.


Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival

Fog And The Night / Sis Ve Gece

Fog and the Night is about a disillusioned secret service agent and the search for his young lover. Hopeless at expressing his feelings, Sedat is consumed by guilt after failing to solve the murder of his chief and close friend.


London Turkish Film Festival-Gravity Zero

Gravity Zero / 2 Super Film Birden

Necati, a young director and total film addict, lost his mother at birth and his father is an eccentric fisherman called Newton. Necati makes a living from directing wedding videos, ridiculous commercials and music promos for wannabes.


London Turkish Film Festival-Havar


Havar, meaning 'cry for help' in Kurdish, is the name of the young female protagonist living in the remote Turkish village of Batman, notorious for its honour killings. While laundering in the river, Havar 'loses' her kerchief to Sedat.


London Turkish Film Festival-Jan_Jan

Jan Jan

In a poor Anatolian Town, an old man takes for his bride the beautiful, young girl Güzel, paying her father in land. Other jealous men in the town frown upon this union while Güzel is isolated from society by her impotent and insecure old husband.


London Turkish Film Festival-Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Three stories unfold in three European capitals on a single night. It is 2001: the night U.S troops entered Afghanistan. Three groups of Turkish people gather in Madrid, Paris and Berlin where they are seeking, or living without, legal status after moving from country to country for years like itinerant ghosts.


London Turkish Film Festival-A man's fear of god / Takva

A Man's Fear Of God / Takva

Humble Muharrem has lived the same life of Islamic devotion and prayer for 30 years. But this all changes when his simple honesty attracts the leader of a powerful religious group who entrusts him with collecting rent for the Mosque’s considerable holdings.


London Turkish Film Festival-The market: a tale of trade

The Market: A Tale Of Trade / Pazar – Bir Ticaret Masalı

In this wry road movie, lovable rogue and blackmarket trader Mihram is trying to change, trying to give up drinking and gambling and become a righteous man in the eyes of his wife.


Murky Waters / Münferit

Murky Waters / Münferit

"You'd salt the meat if the meat stinks…but what if the salt stinks?" In a lovely coastal town, the decomposed bodies of two men, including one transvestite, are retrieved from a car under the sea.


London Turkish Film Festival - My marlon and brando / Gitmek

My Marlon and Brando / Gitmek

Turkish actress Ayça Damgaci and Hama Ali, a charismatic Kurdish B-movie actor and sometime star of Iraqi Superman, fell in love in real-life whilst working on a film. Separated by borders, their love affair continued through video love letters and broken telephone lines.


London Turkish Film Festival - Refugee / Mülteci

Refugee / Mülteci

Refugee is based on the director’s interviews with refugees and his experiences of refugee camps in Germany. The son of an influential feudal lord in Southeastern Turkey, Şivan is sent to Germany when he gets caught up between the State and terrorist organisations.


London Turkish Film Festival - Summer book / Tatil kitabi

Summer Book / Tatil Kitabı

Summer Book tells the story of one family in a small Mediterranean town over the course of a summer. Told mostly from the perspective of the youngest son Ali, the narrative is structured on the tensions between the father, Mustafa, and other members of the family.


London Turkish Film Festival - Three monkeys / Üç maymun

Three Monkeys / Üç Maymun

In this noir-style psychological thriller, a politician is involved in a hit-and-run accident. Fearing that the accident will ruin his chances of election, Servet persuades his driver to take the rap and go to jail.


London Turkish Film Festival - Times and winds / Bes vakit

Times and Winds / Beş Vakit

In a stunning mountain village untouched by the modern world, the day is divided into five parts according to the calls to prayer. The film is a portrait of the villagers' dreams and desires which lie beneath the austerity and discipline of their workaday lives.


London Turkish Film Festival - Two lines / Iki cizgi

Two Lines / İki Çizgi

Two Lines tells the story of a relationship between a young man and woman who live together in Istanbul. The young man, Mert, spends his days taking photographs while wandering around Istanbul's different neighbourhoods, while Selin carries out her daily grind working in a company.


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