15th LTFF

The London Turkish Film Festival (LTFF) are delighted to announce that the Festival Jury has awarded Asli Özge’s MEN ON THE BRIDGE the inaugural Digital Distribution Award. The prize, awarded at the Opening Gala on the evening of the 5th November, will contribute £15,000 to support the film’s release in the UK and Ireland.

MEN ON THE BRIDGE was chosen by the LTFF Jury ahead of 4 other nominees including Reha Erdem’s MY ONLY SUNSHINE and Tiger Award winner WRONG ROSARY."All of the films eligible for the award displayed the depth and diversity to be found in contemporary Turkish cinema" explained Jason Wood, Director of Programming at Curzon Cinemas and member of the LTFF Jury.

He continued "However, for it's naturalistic performances, Altmanesque tapestry of contemporary life and characters, and its effective and emotionally engaging documentary aesthetic, we felt Asli Ozge's MEN ON THE BRIDGE to be a worthy recipient of the Digital Distribution Award".

MEN ON THE BRIDGE is the first theatrical feature by Asli Özge and was initially conceived as a documentary to demonstrate the realities of life in her hometown of Istanbul. Following three men whose lives are intrinsically connected to the Bosphorus Bridge, Asli Özge scripted the stories of her original subjects to match her inspiration. The resultant film has toured the international festival circuit to critical acclaim and several awards.

Festival Director Vedide Kaymak said: "We're delighted to be in a position to provide this award and support the release of MEN ON THE BRIDGE in cinemas and beyond. It is a wonderful film with great potential to connect with audiences in the UK and Ireland and therefore a worthy recipient of the first Golden Wings award."

The Opening Gala of the 15th London Turkish Film Festival also rewarded legendary actress Turkan Soray with a lifetime achievement award and featured the British Premiere of THE BOOGEYMAN. The festival continues until the 19th November at the RIO Dalston and Apollo Piccadilly Circus and the programme includes an exciting selection of Turkish features, documentaries and short films, with many UK premieres and directorial debuts.

Golden Wings Digital Distribution Competition

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - THE BOGEYMAN Mommo - Kızkardeşim

THE BOGEYMAN Mommo - Kızkardeşim

All the hopes, dreams, triumphs and disappointments of childhood are captured in this internationally acclaimed award-winning first feature film.Set against the background of an isolated Anatolian community, it's the moving tale of the bond that exists between nine-year old Ali and his younger sister Aysa.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - MEN ON THE BRIDGE Köprüdekiler

MEN ON THE BRIDGE Köprüdekiler

The landmark that is Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge links Europe and Asia and the lives of the three young men at the heart of Asli Özge's refreshing and insightful look at the modern world. Murat is a traffic cop dreaming of love; Umut, a taxi driver, is resigned to an unhappy marriage; Fikret sells roses and fantasises about a better life.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - MY ONLY SUNSHINE Hayat Var


The new film from the director of the internationally acclaimed TIMES AND WINDS is the powerful story of a young girl's emotional and sexual violation. 14-year old Hayat lives with her no-good father and ailing grandfather.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - THE SHADOWLESS Golgesizler


Based on the award-winning cult novel by Hasan Ali Toptas ('the Kafka of the East'). Writer/director Umit Unal turns an Anatolian village into a surreal ambiguous dreamscape of bizarre landscapes and complex relationships.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - WRONG ROSARY Uzak Ihtimal


Set in an Istanbul of windy streets, antiquarian bookshops and seafront cafes, this Rotterdam Film Festival major award winner is an atmospheric tale of impossible love. A newly-arrived muezzin (the man who leads the call to prayer) falls in love with his next door neighbour, a Catholic nurse.

15th LTFF Screenings

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - 3 APPLES FELL FROM THE SKY Gökten 3 Elma Düstü

Gökten 3 Elma Düstü

The '3 apples' are young Ali, a petty thief who runs away from home; Recep, his grandfather, an ex-military disciplinarian whose hated neighbour in an Istanbul apartment block is Nilgün, a prostitute. Yet none of them are really what they may first appear to be...

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - FIKRET BEY Fikret Bey


An atmospheric, warm and often moving intimate portrait that is also a microcosm of the wider world outside. It looks like the end for the engineering works that Fikret Bey has run for a long lifetime. It's a time for memories, both painful and happy, shared with his oldest employee Mehmet and his daughter Zeynep.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - THE LAST SEASON: SHAWAKS

Demsala Dawi: Sewaxan / Son Mevsim: Şavaklar

A compelling documentary experience from the director of several ficition films. The Shawaks are a nomadic community in eastern Turkey. At the end of each Winter, people and animals move from their village to higher pasture in the mountains where they spend the Summer.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL İki Dil Bir Bavul


As issues of integration, education and cultural and ethnic identity continue to be debated in Turkey, this quietly perceptive documentary looks at one very human situation. Recently graduated and only Turkish speaking primary teacher Emre has been sent to a school in the remote Kurdish village of Demirci.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - PAINS OF AUTUMN Güz Sancısı


Set in 1955 against the background of the bitter Turkish and Greek dispute over Cyprus, and based on the award winning novel by Yilmaz Karakoyunlu, PAINS OF AUTUMN is a tense and fast moving political thriller with a more than a passing contemporary resonance.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - THE SALT OF LIFE Hayatin Tuzu


It's just another day in the small town of Bitlis; a cow has escaped from the local abattoir; strange messages are appearing in the locally produced cigarette packets; the minaret is falling down and widow Medine is being persuaded to feed birth control pills to her potted plants. And then there's the mystery of the permanently shuttered shop.

Welcome to London Turkish Film Festival - TWISTED Girdap


A tale of twists and turns that begins as a bizarre story of the supernatural and ends in the very real world of politics and extremism. Umut is just an ordinary Istanbul student with no great political beliefs when strange things begin to happen in the flat he shares with two others.


Narcolepsy / Narkolepsi

Turkey 2007 / Documentary / 72m
Director: Medet Dilek

There are some things which can never be forgotten. For as long as we live, the memories will lurk. The Madimak Tragedy is such a thing. This tragedy, yet to be fully understood, informs Narcolepsy.

Tolerance to Torture / İşkenceye Tolerans

Turkey 2008 / Documentary / 22m
Directors: Armağan Pekkaya, Umut Kol

A film about the legitimacy of torture. Certain States hold to the belief that security is more important than freedom. Human rights are left to be defended by individuals, communities and civil rights organisations.

Housekeeper / Gündelikçi

Turkey 2006 / Documentary / 50m
Director: Emel Çelebi

What do we really know about housekeepers? What’s it like to clean up someone else’s dirt? Is it their choice or are they obliged by circumstances?

The Shore / Son Kumsal

Turkey 2008 / Documentary / 56m
Director: Rüya Arzu Köksal

On the black sands of a Black Sea town beach, local residents enjoy the final days of summer, as they have for generations. All try to ignore the reality that these treasured shores are doomed as trucks have begun pouring tons of rock into the sea, irreversibly destroying the shoreline to create a new highway.

A Bridge at the Edge of The World / Devrimci Gençlik Köprüsü

Turkey 2007 / Documentary / 84m
Director: Bahriye Kabadayı

Once upon a time the Turkish youth had dreams for a better future; they built a bridge over the Zap river in the Eastern city of Hakkari as a creative symbol of their rebellion to protest against the huge investment in the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul.


Turkey 2006/ Documentary / 41m
Director: Ethem Özgüven, Petra Holzer

Since 1989, multinational mining companies have been coming to Turkey to mine gold using the cyanide leaching process. Eurogold is one of companies with their mine situated in Bergama. The people of Bergama and the 17 villages in the surrounding area started to resist the project and won their court proceedings against Eurogold. However, the mine still operates. This documentary is about the people’s long struggle.

Shorts from the World

Apple & Ei

Germany 2007 / Documentary / 5m
Director: Ahmet Taş

In a market place of Berlin, 4 times a week for 8 hours a day, Turkish immigrants sing to earn 20 Euros.


UK 2007 / Documentary / 34m
Director: Hülya Öztürk

Four refugees from Turkey reflect on identity, their experience of exile and the impact of global events on their life.

Sugar and Spice & All Things Movies / Acı ve Tatlı Sinema Hakkında Herşey

UK 2008 / Documentary / 22m
Director: Melih Kançelik

In his sweet shop, which resembles a film memorabilia museum, cinephile Umit Mesut debates film versus digital with screenwriter Tony Grisoni. At every opportunity Umit waxes lyrical about keeping celluloid alive but he is forced to reexamine his beliefs in a world of inevitable technological advances.

Festival Director's Choice

Ömer Come Home / Ömer Eve Gel

Turkey 2005 / Documentary / 28m
Directors: Serkan Şavk, Barış Şahin, Şevket Onur Cihan

The story of a family that escaped from Iraq to Turkey: the mother and three children have been granted asylum while the father’s application has been rejected. The mother and children are preparing their move to Canada. The father is desperate.

People of the Backyard / Arka Bahçenin İnsanları

Turkey 2004 / Documentary / 26m
Directors: Serkan Şavk, Barış Şahin, Şevket Onur Cihan

This documentary is about the hard lives of Iranian and Iraqi refugees in Van, a city in the East of Turkey.


Turkey 2008 / Documentary / 52m
Director: Rıza Baloğlu

This documentary tells the story of the city of Troy from an archeological perspective and tracks Trojan findings in the modern day from over 50 countries. Taking us on a journey back 5000 years in time, and using 3D animation and Homer's epic poetry as narration, the film reflects the idea that historical findings are patrimonies of humankind which should be exposed in the territory where they were excavated.

In the light of a vast scientific research, the film reflects the perspectives of many international archeologists and takes the viewers to a journey of 5000 years back in time, through 3D animations and Homer's lyric prose for a mythological narration.

+ Q&A with Rıza Baloğlu (Director)
+ Q&A with Sevinç Çor Baloğlu (Screenplay)

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