17th LTFF

The Opening Night Gala of the 17th London Turkish Film Festival on November 24, 2011 brought a special excitement and glamour to Leicester Square's Odeon West End Cinema with a memorable mix of awards, stars and a movie premiere.
A record number of outstanding films made the short list for this year's Digital Distribution Award, sponsored by Digiturk, which annually provides distribution and promotion of a Turkish film to UK-wide audiences. A distinguished international jury, including Turkish star Mehmet Aslantug, awarded the £30,000 prize to HOME (Yurt) the first feature to be written and directed by Muzaffer Özdemir, known internationally for his role in Nuri Bilge Ceylan's UZAK for which he won the Cannes Best Actor Award. The actor received a rapturous reception from the Odeon's capacity audience as he received the Golden Wings statuette.

Congratulations to SHADOWS AND FACES, the winner of the 2011 Peoples Choice Award as voted for by audiences throughout the Festival. Derviş Zaim's powerful and moving story, set in Cyprus in 1963 at the start of the conflict between Turks and Greeks, was also an award winner at the Ankara and Antalya Festivals and its combination of engrosssing human drama and contemporary relevance now makes it a worthy winner of the LTFF Golden Wings Award.

The opening night audience was equally delighted to welcome international movie legend Claudia Cardinale, star of films by Fellini, Visconte and Leone, to introduce the night's UK premiere of the delightful BEING ITALIAN WITH SIGNORA ENRICA. A great performance and a great finale to a memorable celebration of Turkish Cinema.

The presentation of the Golden Wings Lifetime Achievement award is always a highlight of the evening and there has been no more popular a winner than the "Angel" of Turkish cinema Hulya Kocyigit, star of more than 200 films in a 50 year career. An on-screen reminder of her life and work could only really be followed by a standing ovation for the star herself, and a heartfelt reception it certainly was.

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17th LTFF Opening Gala Night

Being Italian with Signora Enrica Sinyora Enrica ile Italyan Olmak

Legendary actress Claudia Cardinale, star of films by Fellini, Visconti and Leone, is man-hating Signora Enrica, abandoned by her husband and now renting rooms in her Rimini house to female students only.

Golden Wings Digiturk Digital Distribution Competition

Hair Saç

The winner of both Best Turkish Film and Director at the 2011 Istanbul Film Festival, Tayfun Pirselimoglu's "Hair" is a compelling and moving tale of fate and obsession.
+ Q&A with Tayfun Pirselimoglu

Home Yurt

The first feature to be written and directed by actor Muzaffer Özdemir, best known for his role in Nuri Bilge Ceylan's "Distant" for which he won the Cannes Best Actor Award...
+ Q&A with Muzaffer Özdemir

Our Grand Despair Bizim Büyük Çaresizligimiz

A delightful comedy drama that is recognisably rooted in real life. Two middle-aged lifelong best friends, bespectacled highbrow Ender and hirsute gentle giant Çetin suddenly find themselves sharing their...
+ Q&A with Seyfi Teoman

Pomegranate Nar

In Ümit Ünal's ingenious multi-layered suspense thriller with a twist in the tail, an actress pretends to be someone else once too often when a fortune teller ...
+ Q&A with Ümit Ünal


Turkish writer-director Sedat Yılmaz's tribute to the handful of journalists who in the early 1990s struggled to publish Gündem the country's first Kurdish language daily newspaper.
+ Q&A with Aram Dildar

September Eylül

The first feature by photographer Cemil Ağacıkoğlu is a moodily evocative drama that explores the relationships between Yusuf a gentle, introverted goldsmith in İstanbul's Grand Bazaar ...

Shadows and Faces Gölgeler ve Suretler

Internationally acclaimed writer and filmmaker Derviş Zaim's powerful and moving story is set against the background of the beginning of the conflict between Turks and Greeks ...
+ Q&A with Dervis Zaim

Toll Booth Gise Memuru

The life of 35-year old Kenan is a lonely, humdrum one of monotonous work as a toll booth operator and a home life dominated by his ailing father. When a newly appointed ...
+ Q&A with Tolga Karaçelik

17th LTFF Screenings

Do Not Forget Me Istanbul Unutma Beni Istanbul

Six acclaimed international directors come together to reveal and explore the cultural diversity and colourful historical legacy that make up modern Istanbul, a city where you can stumble ...

Merry Go Round Atlıkarınca

People can forget what you do to them but not how you make them feel. Award-winning director İlksen Başarır's powerful, uncompromising and moving family drama focuses on the most invisible ...

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Bir Zamanlar Anadolu'da

A haunting journey into the heart of darkness of the Anatolian countryside and into the heart of Anatolian identity. A murder has been committed and a man has confessed ...

Playing the Justice Adalet Oyunu

Özmen and Özuyar's tense psychological thriller offers a thought provoking look at crime, punishment and the legal system as well as a neat variation on the traditional ...

The Son Ogul

An outstanding, powerful and atmospheric first feature from writerdirector Atilla Cengiz. Soner, a naive 18-year-old, leaves his hometown on the Black Sea coast for ...

White as Snow Kar Beyaz

This haunting and lyrical adaptation of Sabahattin Ali's short story "Ayran" is the fable-like tale of nine-year-old Hasan and his constant struggle for survival in the snowy Black Sea mountains of Artvin in the early 1970s. ...

17th LTFF Feature Documentaries

Away Game Rakip Saha

Teenage life with all its problems and passions in an area of social and economic concerns is the subject of this incisive and engrossing documentary.

Turkish Passport Türk Pasaportu

An untold story of hope, humanity and heroism during the Second World War, a time when Turkey was officially a neutral country. Using archive footage, dramatic reconstructions, documents and interviews with those who were ...

LTFF Trailers