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Why we need your help!

The London Turkish Film Festival (LTFF) is proud that it has been able to stay as an independent film festival, and is working very hard to keep it this way. Over the past two years, the LTFF has been unable to secure sufficient funds due to the following reasons:

- The festival has fought back many attempts to change it's program and film selection process by funders and corporations alike. 

- As most UK based companies have been reducing their marketing budgets post Brexit, the LTFF has lost it's main sponsors. 

Your help means the following is possible!

We believe that niche festivals such as the LTFF, bring a variety of cultures, breadth of knowledge and dramatic style to London's already multicultural audiences, as well as providing an ease of access. Foreign films in the UK have been getting  less and less distribution every year. Your help will allow us to continue to bring audiences and  films together. Once a year the Turkish speaking community (Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot) get together and celebrate new forms of expression and storytelling.


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