Five Cities

Five Cities

Beş Şehir
Turkey 2010 / 95m
English Subtitles / Cert 15
Director Onur Ünlü
Cast Beste Bereket, Tansu Biçer, Ahmet Rıfat Sungar, Bülent Emin Yarar

46th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
Best Screenplay
29th International Istanbul Film Festival – Best Actor (Tansu Biçer)

Life, love and death link the seemingly unconnected lives of a policeman, a shop assistant, a student, a market salesman and an 11 year-old boy. Policeman Aydın is trying to get used to life after being recently assigned to work in Istanbul. He falls in love with sweetshop assistant Mehtap but whatever he does, he just cannot get her to notice him. At the same time university student Şevket cannot get the attention of Dilek, who works in the same shop. When Aydın encounters Dilek his desires change course…Var"(Objection)(2014) are awarded by the international movie festivals.


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