Gone 'The Other And The Unknown'

Gone: The Other and Unknown *

Gittiler: Sair ve Meçhul
Turkey 2014 / 94m
English Subtitles / Cert 15
Director Kenan Korkmaz
Cast Yuhannun Akay, Ruhi Sarı, Sonya Akay, Savaş Özdemir

33rd International Istanbul Film Festival – National Competition

Two brothers. Two worlds. One problem: the stateless existence of modern-day Assyrians whose lives are mostly marginalised wherever in the world they live. Yuhan remains with his father, the headman in a village where the ancient upper Mesopotamian nation of Syriacs has always lived. His brother Joseph has moved to a very different but no less difficult life in Sweden. Both sons question the decisions they have made: One for having left, the other for not. Alongside the stark realities of everyday life, visual and narrative metaphors turn Gone: The Other and Unknown into a powerful, poetic and memorable piece of dramatic filmmaking.

* Screened with Ziazan and Little Black Fishes (27m)


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