Mana Mou Istanbul

Mana Mou Istanbul

Mana Mou Istanbul
Turkey 2017 / 1h 5min
English Subtitles / Documentary
Director Nihan Arisoy
Cast Makis Stavridis

The dynamic of traumatic memories play an important role in shaping the behavior and certain memories and thoughts are suppressed for the shake of well-being but also for adaption to society. The issues of grief and the loss of object are central in the psychoanalytic explanation of depression. People are depressed for their loss but their real loss is far beyond their actual loss. The process of mourning is an ideal answer, however very different in each person, to the loss of a loved object or the loss of abstract values such as country, freedom etc. The lost loved object leaves an empty space that needs fulfillment and the person crashes violently on the rocks of the reality principle. Loosing home does not necessarily means only a breaking apart from his living area but it also reflects on a fear of loosing himself, a fear deriving from his exposure to an out of context situation, apart from elements that constitute a containing function, described from Bion. The theme of homeland is an extension of actual home, the family context, the neighborhood, the streets which are walked, the parks, the schools and churches, the cemeteries, the city, the country and its ideals, all deriving from the first containing function of the mother–child constellation. On the occasion of 6-7 September events, powerful emotions were created by unwillingly leaving the homeland, missing, love or sulk, dream of return in the birthplaces.


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