POLARIS "one of the roots of the tree"

POLARIS "one of the roots of the tree"

KUTUP YILDIZI "ağacın köklerinden biri"
Turkey 2016 / 1h 4min
English Subtitles / Documentary
Director Şaban Karabeli
Cast N/A

This documentary finds a connection between the Gezi Resistance in June 2013 and the hunger strike and death fast of June 1984. It is a connection like that between the branches of a tree and its roots. It recounts a period starting from 1968 to the difficult years of 12th September 1980 coup, by exploring the life of Mehmet Fatih Öktülmüş, one of the remarkable leaders of Turkish Revolutionary Movement. 
M. Fatih Öktülmüş was a respected communist, who was loved not only by the people, but also by other revolutionary organizations. He was especially known for his resistance under torture: he would never testify, talk under pressure, or sign any paper. He didn’t just talk about the working class movement as a theory, he consistently worked to implement his ideas and mobilize the working class throughout his life. He followed the principle that “leaders should fight in the forefront”. He proved it on all grounds of his life. Even as a leader, he volunteered for the 1984 hunger strike and death fast.
The documentary shows various aspects of the working class and revolutionary movements before the 12th September coup. It does not only paint a picture of defeat and cruelty after the coup, but also shows the great resistance of the people.


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