Private Cemetery

Private Cemetery

Turkey 2016 / 1h 54min
English Subtitles / Drama
Director Talip Karamahmutoğlu
Cast Emre Altuğ, Nilay Erdönmez, Turan Özdemir, Mustafa Uzunyılmaz, Orhan Aydın, Sadık Gürbüz, Adem Yılmaz, Hakan Eksen, Hikmet Karagöz

Ejder went to Germany as an unqualified laborer, but soon found his calling as a gravedigger. Years later, returning to his hometown Dalyan after the death of his father, and struck by the new, million-dollar homes of the foreigners in his village, he has an idea. Rather than burying these rich people in the ordinary village cemetery, Ejder promises every one of them infinite life after death, buried under olive trees (which symbolize immortality). His philosophy? “You can tell a lion from where he dwells.” But as his “prestige” graveyard business goes from strength to strength, he must confront the tragic story of Bektaş, who moved to the village much later.


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