Song of My Mother

Song of My Mother

Klama Dayîka Min / Annemin Şarkɪsɪ
Turkey / France / Germany 2014 / 90m
English Subtitles / Cert 12A
Director Erol Mintaş
Cast Feyyaz Duman, Zübeyde Ronahi, Nesrin Cavadzade, Aziz Çapkurt

2014 Sarajevo Film Festival – Best Film
51st International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival – Best First Film

An international award winner for both debut writer-director Erol Mintaş and actor Feyyaz Duman, Song of My Mother is the intimate story of an aging mother and her son who are forced to move out of their adopted neighbourhood of Tarlabaşı in Istanbul as the result of a gentrification project. She is determined to return to her home village, he is a Kurdish teacher and writer whose equilibrium is constantly threatened by his superiors, the gentrification of the city he lives in, his girlfriend's urge to build a family, but most of all the stubbornness of his own mother who is always one step ahead of her son. Told with a cinematic simplicity, it's a portrait of everyday life which is both recognisable and believable.


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