The Visitor

The Visitor

Turkey 2015 / 2h 7min
English Subtitles / Drama, Family, Mystery
Director Mehmet Eryılmaz
Cast Zumrut Erkin, Tamer Levent, Ayten Uncuoglu, Hale Akinli, Ersin Umut Guler, Melek Cinar, Fatih Al, Sema Moritz

Ten years after being thrown out of her parents' home in Istanbul, Nur returns when she finds out that her mother is at death’s door. Taking her young daughter with her, Nur tries to renegotiates her relationship with the men she once left behind. While her mother is bed-ridden and unresponsive, Nur must come to terms with her father and her younger brother running the household. A picture soon emerges of masculine incompetence and harsh patriarchal traditions.

35th Montrel World Film Festival - FIRESCI Award

Raising Awareness Film of The Year 27th Ankara International Film Festival - Best Art Director


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