Until I Lose My Breath

Until I Lose My Breath *

Nefesim Kesilene Kadar
Turkey / Germany 2015 / 94m
English Subtitles / Cert 15
Director Emine Emel Balcı
Cast Esme Madra, Rıza Akın, Sema Keçik, Uğur Uzunel

65th Berlin International Film Festival – Forum selection

Serap is a teenage textile factory worker at war with the entire world. She works long hours in a stifling sweatshop and she's fed up with her abusive brother-in-law and uncaring sister. The only thing that keeps Serap going is the hope of finding a place of her own and sharing it with her father. When he continues to show indifference to the idea she decides to take matters in her own hands… With an excellent performance from Esme Madra as Serap, director Emine Emel Balcı's first feature has much to say about longing, need, illusion anger and love in an all too recognisable world of hard work, deception and disappointments.

* Screened with Edifice


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